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Polish Pottery Pattern
Garden Delight #P4384A

Made by

Ceramika Artystyczna

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Pattern: P4384A
Class: UNIKAT U3
Signature Unikat
All pieces in this pattern are signed by artist-painter on the bottom.
*excluding small and "bottomless" items
140 items in this pattern are available in stock.

This pattern also goes by following names:
butterfly, blue dragonfly, spring, english garden, butterfly garden, dragonflies dream, spring bounty, my granny, fantasy garden, busy butterfly, springtime for dragonflies, dragonfly gardens, summer garden, garde, garden variety, dragonfly dreams, garden d, garden delight, paradise, secret garden, summertime garden, dragonfly in the garden, my garden window, springs delight, seraphic enchantment, dancing dragonfly, botanical beauty, spring meadow, enchanted garden, jjji
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Tea or Coffee Pot 3½ cups UNIKAT
Garden Delight
Mug 15 oz UNIKAT
Garden Delight
Fluted Pie Dish 10" UNIKAT
Garden Delight
$106.95 $85.56 20% off
Bowl with Loop Handle 16 oz UNIKAT
Garden Delight
Plate 6" UNIKAT
Garden Delight
$32.95 $26.36 20% off
Espresso Cup 2 oz UNIKAT
Garden Delight
$25.95 $20.76 20% off
Espresso Cup with Saucer 3 oz UNIKAT
Garden Delight
$38.95 $31.16 20% off
Platter 18" UNIKAT
Garden Delight
$256.95 $205.56 20% off
Oval Baker 12" UNIKAT
Garden Delight
Tureen 122 oz UNIKAT
Garden Delight
Oval Baker 14" UNIKAT
Garden Delight
$215.95 $172.76 20% off
Candle Holder 4" UNIKAT
Garden Delight

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