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Polish Pottery Catalog

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1 1/4 quart dishes
5 point stars
Abcd cube dice
Address numbers
Angel figurines
Angel ornaments
Appetizer plates
Appetizer trays
Apple bakers
Apple figurines
Apple shaped jars
Apple shaped piggy banks
Aroma oil burners
Aroma oil burner lamps
Asparagus platters
Au gratin
Baby blocks
Bakers with cover
Bakers with cover with handles
Bakers with handle
Baking pans
Ball piggy banks
Barrel mugs
Basket bowls
Baskets with handle
Batter bowls
Bean pots
Bear figurines
Beer glasses
Beer mugs
Bell figurines
Bell ornaments
Berry bowls
Bird figurines
Biscuit jars
Bistro mugs
Book stands
Bottle stoppers
Bouillon cups
Bouillon cups with lid
Bouillon cups with lids and saucers
Bouillon cups with saucers
Bowls with handles
Bowls with holes
Bowls with pedestal
Bowls with rolled lip
Bowls with spout
Bracelet and necklace combos
Bread and butters
Bread and butter plates
Bread baskets
Bread boards
Bread containers
Bread pans
Bread trays
Brew mugs
Brewing mugs
Brewing mugs with spoon
Broken pottery pieces
Brownie bakers
Bubble mugs
Bubble mugs without a handle
Bud vases
Bull head wall mounts
Bundt cake pans
Bunny figurines
Bunny shaped jars
Business card holders
Butter bells
Butter boxes
Butter caddies
Butter crocks
Butter dishes
Butter keepers
Butter tubs
Butterfly figurines
Ca factory logos
Cake domes
Cake moulds
Cake plates
Cake stands
Cake stands with covers
Candle holders
Candle holder sets
Candle warmers
Candy dishes
Cappuccino glasses
Car figurines
Car shaped piggy banks
Casserole dishes
Cat and fish creamers
Cat figurines
Cereal bowls
Chamber pots
Chapel candle holders
Cheese bells
Cheese dishes
Cheese ladies
Cheese bells
Chicken bakers
Chicken shaped piggy banks
Chili bowls
Chip and dip platters
Christmas trees
Christmas tree bowl
Christmas tree candle burners
Christmas tree candle holders
Christmas tree dishes
Christmas tree figurines
Christmas tree jars
Christmas tree ornaments
Christmas tree pendants
Christmas tree platters
Circle pendants
Circle wall decors
Coaster tiles
Cobbler dishes
Coffee cups
Coffee filters
Coffee filter holders
Coffee filter jars
Coffee grinders
Coffee mugs
Coffee pots
Colanders with plate
Condiment dishes
Condiment servers
Condiment servers with spoons
Cookbook stands
Cookie jars
Cookie lady shaped jar
Cookie platters
Cookie sheets
Cookie trays
Corn dishes
Corn trays
Cornish hen pans
Asparagus bowls
Cow figurines
Cow shaped creamers
Cracker trays
Cranberry dishes
Cream and sugars
Cream cheese dishes
Cream pitchers
Creamers with lid
Cups and saucers
Cups with saucer
Cups with tray
Cupcake pans
Custard cups
Cutting boards
Demitasse mugs with saucer
Desk trays
Dessert bowls
Dessert plates
Dessert sets
Dessert sets for 6
Dessert sets for 6 with heater
Devil figurines
Deviled egg platters
Diamond pendants
Dinner plates
Dinner sets
Dinnerware sets
Dip bowls
Dipping bowls
Dipping dishes
Dishes for pits
Dishes with cover
Dishes with hen cover
Divided dishes
Dog bowls
Dog dishes
Dog figurines
Donkey figurines
Double jars
Drawer pulls
Drawer pull knobs
Drawer sets with hangers
Dual heaters
Duck covered bakers
Duck figurines
Duck shaped jars
Earrings and rings combo
Egg crates
Egg cups
Egg dishes
Egg figurines
Egg figurines with hole
Egg holders
Egg lifters
Egg plates
Egg servers
Egg shaped jars
Elephant candle holders
Elephant figurines
Elephant shaped piggy banks
Octagonal jars
Enchilada dishes
Escargot dishes
Espresso cups
Espresso cup saucers
Espresso cups with saucer
Fermentation crocks
Fermenter crocks
Fermenting crock pots
Fermenting crock pots with weight
Fish platters
Fish shaped jars
Fish shaped plates
Fish shaped platters
Flatware sets of 4
Fluted bowls
Fluted hexagonal vases
Fluted oval platters
Fluted pie dishes
Fluted planters
Fluted square baking dishes
Fluted trays
Fondue forks
Fondue pots
Fondue sets
Footed bowls
Footed vases
French butter bells
French butter crocks
French butter keepers
French butter pots
Frog figurines
Fruit basket wall decors
Fruit bowls
Fruit servers
Garlic and onion jars
Garlic jars
Genie bottles
Ginger jars
Girl figurines
Globe shaped candle holders
Gnome figurines
Goat figurines
Gravy boats
Gravy boats with saucer
Gravy servers
Hand figurines
Hanging coffee grinders
Hanging numbers
Hanging suns
Hanging utensils set of 5
Harlequin figurines
Hat figurines
Heart shaped dishes
Heart pendants
Heart plates
Heart shaped bowls
Heart shaped jars
Heart shaped jewelry boxes
Heart shaped platters
Heaters with candle holder
Hen shaped jars
Hexagon jars
Hexagon planters
Hexagonal jars
Hexagonal jars with lid
Hippopotamus figurine
Holy water fonts
Honey and jam jar sets
Honey jars
Honey jars with dipper
Honey pots
Horse figurines
Hot dog trays
Hot plates
House figurines
House shaped candle holders
House shaped piggy banks
Housekeeper figurines
Ice cream bowls
Ikebana vases
Individual round bakers with handles
Jack o lantern candle holders
Jam jars
Jars with cover
Jars with lid
Jars with lid and handles
Jars with lid with opening
Jars with pretzel lid
Jello moulds
Jewelry boxes
Jug shaped teapots
Juice reamers
Juice reamers with jug
Kabob platters
Key chains
Key holders
Kitchen shelves
Kitchen sink sponge holders
Kitten figurines
Lace cut bowls
Lady candle holders
Lamp bases
Lamp shades
Large bowls
Large bowls with handles
Large bubble mugs
Large cup like bowls with platter
Large dinner plates
Lasagna pans
Latte cups
Latte mugs
Leaf shaped bowls
Leaf shaped platters
Lemon plates with toothpick holder
Letter holders
Loaf pans
Locomotive figurines
Lunch plates
Luncheon plates
Man candle holders
Man figurines
Marmalade jelly jars
Measuring cups
Meat loaf bakers
Mini bells
Mini bottles
Mini bowls
Mini candle holders
Mini cheese ladies
Mini condiment servers
Mini creamers
Mini cups
Mini cups with saucer
Mini goblets
Mini heart bowls
Mini heaters
Mini jars
Mini jugs
Mini mugs
Mini saucers
Mini scoops
Mini sugar bowls
Mini tea pots
Mini teapots with heater
Mini vases
Miniature pitchers
Miniature tea sets
Mirror frames
Mixed mosaic tile fragments
Mixing bowls
Mixing spoons
Monkey figurines
Moon ornaments
Mortar and pestles
Mouse cheese dishes
Mouse figurines
Mouse pads
Muffin pans
Mugs with lid
Mugs with spoons
Mugs with spoon handle
Mugs with straw
Mugs without handles
Mustard jars
Mustard pots
Napkin holders
Napkin rings
Nut dishes
Octagonal bowls
Octagonal jars
Octagonal platters
Oil and vinegar cruets
Oil and vinegar sets
Oil lamps
Oil vinegar bottles
Olive boats
Olive dishes
Ornament birds
Ornament bird bells
Ornament christmas balls
Ornament christmas balls with stands
Ornament eggs
Ornament hearts
Ornament houses
Ornament mushrooms
Ornament snowmen
Ornament stars
Oval bakers
Oval bakers with handles
Oval bakers with lid
Oval baking dishes
Oval bowls
Oval casseroles
Oval covered bakers
Oval covered dishes
Oval pendants
Oval platters
Oval roasting pans
Oven mittens with pot holders
Owl coin banks
Owl figurines
Pairs of figurine cats
Pancake ladies
Paper towel stands
Parmesan shakers
Party bowls
Party plates
Pasta bowls
Pasta canisters
Pasta jars
Pear shaped jars
Pedestal bubble mugs
Pedestal mugs
Pedestal vases
Pentagon bowls
Pepper grinders
Pepper shakers
Personal pie dishes
Pet bowls
Pet dishes
Petal bowls
Picture frames
Pie and cake servers
Pie birds
Pie crust bead weights
Pie dishes
Fluted pie dishes with handles
Pie plates
Pig figurines
Pig shaped jars
Animal shaped trivets
Piggy banks
Penguin figurines
Pitchers with lid
Pizza plates
Pizza stones
Place settings
Plant pots
Plates with holes
Platters with handles
Plum shaped jars
Pointed oval platters
Pot bellied teapots
Pot belly mugs
Potbelly mugs
Potpourri jars
Prep bowls
Pumpkin figurines
Pumpkin jars
Quiche dishes
Raccoon figurines
Ram figurines
Rectangle pendants
Rectangular bakers
Rectangular bakers with handles
Rectangular canisters
Rectangular covered bakers
Reed diffusers
Relish server sets with tray
Relish trays
Restroom signs
Ring holders
Roasters with handles and spout
Roasting pans
Rolling pins
Rolling pin cradles
Rooster whistle figurines
Round bakers with cover
Round bakers with handles
Round baking dishes with spout
Round covered bakers
Round platters with handles
Salad bowls
Salad plates
Salad spoon and fork sets
Salsa servers
Salt and pepper sets
Salt and pepper shakers
Salt and pepper trays
Salt and peppers with toothpick holder
Salt bowls
Salt boxes
Salt crocks
Salt grinders
Salt jars
Salt shakers
Sandwich plates
Santa clause figurines
Santa shaped jars
Sauce boats
Sauce pots with handle
Saucer trays
Scallop rim bowls
Scalloped bowls
Scalloped fluted bowls
Scalloped platters
Seasoning sets
Seasoning set tray
Serving bowls
Serving dishes
Serving spoons
Serving spoons with holes
Sets of 12 bowls
Sets of 12 plates
Sets of 2 place mats
Sets of 3 jars
Sets of 3 nesting bowls
Sets of 3 nesting condiment dishes
Sets of 3 nesting platters
Sets of 3 planters
Sets of 4 rectangular bakers
Sets of 6 bowls
Sets of 6 buttons
Sets of 6 dinner plates
Sets of pasta bowls
Sets of 6 plates
Sheep figurines
Shelf sitting cat figurines
Shoe figurines
Shoe shaped jars
Shopping bags
Shot glasses
Shovel spoons
Sink bowls
Slotted serving spoons
Small bubble mugs
Small covered dishes
Small plates
Snail figurines
Snow men
Snowflake ornaments
Snowflake pendants
Snowman candle holders
Snowman figurines
Soap dishes
Soap dispensers
Soap pumps
Souffle dishes
Soup bowls
Soup cups with lid
Soup ladles
Soup mugs
Soup spoons
Soup tureens
Spaghetti containers
Sponge holders
Spoon rests
Spreading knives
Square bakers
Square bakers with handles
Square bowls
Square cheese plates
Square condiment bowls
Square condiment dishes
Square dishes
Square fluted vases
Sqaure jars
Square pendants
Square plates
Square platters
Square salad plates
Square trays
Square vases
Squirrel figurines
Stainless steel forks
Stainless steel knives
Stainless steel spoons
Standing crosses
Star bowls
Star lights
Star shaped bowls
Star shaped canisters
Steak plates
Sterling silver heart pendants
Stone weights
Stool inserts
Strainer spoons
Sugar and creamer sets
Sugar and creamer trays
Sugar bowls
Sugar jars
Sugar packet holders
Sugar spoons
Sushi trays
Swan figurines
Syrup pitchers
Table cloths
Taco platters
Tall mugs
Tasting plates
Tea bag dispensers
Tea bag or lemon plates
Tea containers
Teas for one
Tea infuser mugs
Tea or coffee pots with heater
Tea or coffee pots
Tea or coffee sets for six
Tea pitchers
Tea pots
Tea pots with sifter
Tea sets
Tea sets for one
Teacups with strainer
Teapot clocks
Teapot shaped wall hooks
Tear drop shaped teapots
Teddy bear figurine
Tissue box covers
Toast holders
Toothbrush holders
Tortilla warmers
Tower figurines
Trays with handles
Treat bowls
Trinket boxes
Tureens with ladle
Turkey platters
Turkey roasters
Turtle figurines
Turtle shaped jars
Twisted sister vases
Umbrella stands
Use gu1276
Use 123l or 123d
Use 131l or 131d
Use 174
Use 523no or 523wo
Use 769 instead
Use gu883+gu883p instead
Utensil crocks
Utensil jars
Vases with handles
Vegetable bakers
Vessel sinks
Votive candle holders
Votive candles with lid
Wall jars
Wall pockets
Wall vases
Water pitchers
Watering cans
Wide base teapots
Wine chillers
Wine chills with saucer
Wine chillers
Wine glasses
Woman shaped jars
Yarn bowls
Zupa bowls

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